Will Your Car’s Battery Make it Through Chicago’s Cold Weather?

September 15th, 2019 by

It won’t be long before these nice, warm days are a distant memory and we’ll all be dealing with rain, sleet, and snow in the Chicago area. And while this is something most of us are pretty much used to, this doesn’t necessarily mean your car is ready for it. It’s important for your battery in particularly to be able to hold up through the coldest weather, which is why now is a good time to be proactive about your battery maintenance. If any of these things seem familiar, it’s probably time for a new battery:

The Engine Cranks But Has Trouble Starting

While this could be a sign of other issues, chances are good that the battery is the problem when your engine cranks or turns over but won’t start right away. If this happens consistently – and even a jumpstart only provides a temporary solution – you need to get your battery checked or replaced.

Your Car Starts Sporadically

Another sign of battery issues is when some days your Toyota starts without a problem and then the next day it struggles or won’t start at all. This could indicate that the terminals are loose, corroded, or broken.

It Takes a Lot of Work to get the Car Started

If you have to perform a weird little ritual to get your car started – like tapping the gas pedal when turning the key and knocking on the dashboard–clearly there’s an issue. Come into our Chicago service center today so our experienced technicians can find out what’s wrong.

Want to make sure your battery is ready for whatever Mother Nature has in store for us? Make an appointment with our Chicago Toyota service center today!

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